Introducing the new and improved range of Flextool products

With a focus on improved durability, performance, user comfort and safety, the new Flextool range will be available over the next few months. 

  • Australia’s original, market-leading Flexshaft Concrete Vibrator now has triple bearing technology, resulting in improved durability and extended service life. Plus, the new recently improved vibration isolating counter spring significantly reduces vibration being transmitted to the operator ensuring the user’s safety comfort.

  • Flextool Drive Units now have heavy duty engine protection, along with crane lifting hooks as standard across the entire range.

  • Series 2 of the Flextool Walk-Behind Power Trowels now come with quick pitch blade tilt mechanism for fast, on the fly, adjustment of blade angle and a fatigue-reducing padded handle bar, for improved operator comfort.

All new Flextool products are fitted with engines above 5HP for improved durability.

We’re confident we have the right product for every job. It’s no wonder that the trade trusts Flextool.

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