At Flextool we know that time is money. That’s why we’ve introduced the Flextool promise.

For over 70 years Flextool have been supplying Australian tradies like you with quality equipment and tools. We are committed to providing you with the best construction equipment to get your job done.

We know that downtime on jobs costs money, so to help limit any downtime due to machinery breakdown we’ve introduced The Flextool Promise. To put it simply, if the unexpected happens and something goes wrong with your Flextool equipment on the job, within the first 12 months of purchase, we’ll help arrange and cover the cost of a loan machine for 2 days, free of charge, whilst your product is being repaired. You just contact us and we’ll make it happen. With Flextool, you can start and finish your work with confidence. That’s why we’ve been trade trusted since 1951.

The Flextool Promise. Job done.

To cover your product for The Flextool promise, please register here.

Flextool Promise F.A.Q

  • I bought my Flextool product 15 months ago, am I eligible for a free loan product whilst I’m getting my product repaired?

    No, we only arrange a free loan product when your product breaks down within the first 12 months of purchase.

  • I didn’t register my Flextool product when I bought it 8 months ago, does that void my warranty?

    No, you will always have a valid manufacturer’s warranty if you can provide the proof of purchase, whether you register your product or not. We will help you with repairs and loan equipment if this is required.

  • I don’t have a Kennards Hire in my area, however I do have an independent Hire company near me, can I get a loan product here?

    If there is no Kennards Hire within 50km of the site, we can work with your local Hire company to make sure you get your necessary equipment to keep going with the job.

  • How do I know if I qualify for the Flextool Promise?

    We have a simple set of questions to determine if you qualify for the Flextool Promise; our Customer Service team will run through these with you and will advise you of your eligibility and steps to repair your product.

  • I don’t have a current Kennards account, can I still get a loan product?

    You will need an account with Kennards. If you don’t have an existing account we will help set this up for you, so you can pick up your loan product as soon as possible.

  • What if it takes over a week to repair my Flextool product? Can I get a loan product for more than 2 days?

    The Flextool Promise provides a loan product for 2 days free of charge. If you require a loan product for more than 2 days, you can arrange an extension with your hire company at your own cost. Pricing for the extended time period is managed by the hire company, not Flextool.  

  • I’m finished with the job, however I do need my product repaired – can I still do this?

    Yes of course. If your product is within its manufacturer’s warranty period, we will advise your nearest service agent who will assess the fault and if there is a manufacturing fault or defect we’ll arrange to repair your product free of charge, or arrange a replacement product.

  • Can I get my product repaired at my own local product repair service?

    You may, but if your product is within the manufacturer’s warranty, you have to take it to a Flextool Service Agent to have the product assessed, and if there is a manufacturing fault or defect get it repaired free of charge. You can take it to a different agent/service however you won’t be automatically eligible for a free repair or replacement. If your product is outside of the manufacturer’s warranty period, you can take it to any agent and pay for the applicable cost. Refer to the product warranty document for further details.

Terms and Conditions for The Flextool Promise can be found here.