Flexshaft submersible pumps

When you’re on a worksite, a flexshaft submersible pump can really save the day. Built tough, you can depend on them to pump a wide range of fluids. On a construction site, a submersible pump will come in handy during heavy rains and flooding for dewatering excavation pits and trenches. Here are some more things you need to know before purchasing a flexshaft submersible pump.

What to look for in a submersible pump

Flexshaft submersible pumps are available in three different designs and generally come in lengths of either six or nine metres. General purpose pumps are the most popular option as they can be used across the majority of applications and are the lightest of the three which helps with onsite handling. A general purpose submersible pump will do the job for excavation pits, construction sites, pier holes and swimming pools. Abrasion resistant pumps are used for pumping abrasive fluids which are contaminated with sand, rubble and construction waste. The last one is a chemical resistant pump which provides a higher degree of resistance when pumping chemically contaminated fluids, including salty water and industrial waste. When not in use, chemical resistant pumps should be removed from the area and washed with clean water to extend the life of the product. It is key to check if your application is suitable for a chemical resistance pump.

Look for one that’s going to give optimum performance and durability —heavy duty and double row oil bath bearings will ensure maximum service life. Choose a corrosion-resistant stainless-steel spindle, and make sure the flexshaft has a support spring to protect the flexshaft when operating over the sharp edge of excavations, pits and dams. Going deep? An extension shaft will extend the length of an existing submersible pump or concrete vibrators.

Operating a submersible pump

If you’re using a flexshaft submersible pump, you’ll be needing a drive unit. A good quality drive unit is engineered with durability and efficiency at the forefront. Drive units are housed in a heavy-duty powder coated tubular steel roll frame. The roll frame assists in protecting the drive unit but also helps with portability. The best drive units are also equipped with build-in lifting hooks for easy and safe onsite handling.

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