Terms and Conditions



A. Flextool appreciates that capital investment in a business is not a decision that is taken lightly, especially when it involves specialist tools and equipment.
B. The Try Before You Buy (TBYB) program is a commercial offer which provides you, our customers and prospective customers, an opportunity to trial certain products for a limited period of time, in order to assist you to evaluate our products prior to purchasing.
C. Eligibility is depended on complying with the qualification process.
D. Eligible products will be made available via Flextool’s program partners.


1.  Eligibility
1.1 To be eligible for TBYB, you must hold a current ABN and provide all necessary information requested by Flextool.
1.2 You can only use the TBYB program once in relation to a specific product. Any further trial or hire of the equipment from our program partners will be at your expense.
1.3 The TBYB program is available through participating hire partners only.
2. TBYB Products
2.1 The TBYB program is only available on select products as made available by Flextool from time to time.
2.2 Should you wish to trial other products, you may choose to hire other Flextool products through your local hire company in line with their hire policy.
3. The TBYB Program
3.1 The TBYB Program is only available through participating Flextool program partner hire companies (Program Partners).
3.2 Flextool will help to arrange loan equipment within a fair and reasonable time however, time is not of the essence and is subject to equipment being available through the relevant Program Partner.
3.3 You must enter into a hire contract with the Program Partner for provision of the TBYB equipment.
3.4 All loaned equipment is subject to the hire terms and conditions imposed by the Program Partner without exception, including any liability for lost or damaged equipment.
3.5 The Program Partner is not an agent of Flextool and is not entitled to make any commitment or representation on Flextool’s behalf.
3.6 The TBYB program provides you with two days free hire, excluding any delivery and return charges for the equipment.
3.7 You may pick up and return the product yourself directly from our Program Partners, but if you require delivery or pick up charges may apply. Delivery is managed by our Program Partners independently to Flextool, and subject to their terms and conditions of hire.
3.8 The TBYB program only applies to the first two days of equipment hire.
3.9 If you wish to hire the product for a longer period of time, you may arrange an extension with our Program Partners at your own cost.
3.10 Pricing for the extended time period is solely managed by our Program Partners, not Flextool. The costs associated with any extension to the hire period as may be arranged between you and our Program Partners entirely your responsibility.
4. Following your trial period
4.1 Whether or not you choose to buy a Flextool product after your trial is entirely up to you. This program is completely obligation free.
4.2 Should you choose to purchase our products, you may do so at any of our local stockists. Click here to find your nearest Flextool stockist.
5. Program duration
5.1 Unless otherwise expressly stated, Flextool may make changes to this program or may immediately terminate this program at its sole discretion.