Chemical sprayers are designed to offer significant cost, time and materials savings. These versatile machines are built to withstand harsh chemicals, including concrete curing agents and concrete sealers. They are ideal for a wide range of applications across many different industries including landscaping, construction and concrete works.

Choosing a chemical sprayer

Chemical sprayers are available in a range of different sizes., from smaller, manual operated sprayers to larger engine-driven power spraying systems. Mostly, it’s the size of the project that will determine the type of sprayer that will be best suited.
Smaller manual sprayers are ideal for small to medium projects such as residential and small commercial concrete works. They’re highly portable and lightweight. Look for units made of quality materials and chemical resistant seals to extend the longevity of the product.
Larger engine-driven power sprayers are designed to really enhance application rates and can cover thousands of square metres in a short period of time. As these will endure heavy-duty and extended usage, look for features such as onboard compressors which allow you to clear and recycle any leftover chemicals from the hose that would usually require manual cleaning. Optional mobile carts optimise portability, and a sloped chemical platform will ensure minimal wastage.

Cleaning your chemical sprayer

Cleaning your chemical sprayer properly is an essential part of maintenance. It will extend the service life of the sprayer and prevents cross-contamination if you’re spraying multiple type of chemicals. After each use, thoroughly flush the sprayer’s tank and hoses with an appropriate cleaning solution (dependent on chemicals used). If you’re planning on storing your sprayer for extended periods of time, depressurise the tank, drain it thoroughly and allow for ventilation.

Safety first

Being safety conscious is a must when using a chemical sprayer. Make sure you always use appropriate PPE, including eye protection, gloves and a face mask. Ensure weather conditions are suitable for spraying as windy conditions can cause unsafe environments and application issues. Many chemicals are also highly flammable therefore it is essential to never expose the chemicals or spray unit to an ignition source. When using a mobile cart sprayer on unstable or uneven ground, always use the parking brake and use lifting handles to move it around. Keep the long hoses wound up, unless in use, to reduce tripping hazards.

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