Concrete power finishing

In the business of concrete finishing, a concrete power trowel is one of the key pieces of equipment you’ll need to create a flat and level concrete floor. When compared to the process of hand trowelling, it will make any concreting job easier, and give your work a high-quality, professional finish. Investing in a finishing trowel for concrete isn’t cheap, so you need to get it right.

Walk-behind or ride-on?

One of the main decisions will be whether to purchase a walk-behind power trowel or to invest in a ride-on trowel machine. For residential projects, a walk-behind should do the job, as the slabs are likely to be limited in size. Walk-behind power trowels provide easy portability and manoeuvrability in smaller spaces. If you’re doing regular medium to large-scale commercial projects — upwards of 500-600 square metres at a time — a ride-on power trowel will be well worth the extra investment. A ride-on power trowel has more power, increased weight and a wider finishing path, so a single operator will be able to achieve a higher quality floor in less time, leaving you free to move on to the next job.

Choosing a concrete power trowel

Once you’ve made the decision about which type of power trowel is right for your business and application, you’ll need to choose your machine. Look for a power trowel from a reputable brand, with a reliable engine that will last the distance. Check the safety features. Make sure the operation is simple. Look at the comfort factor — are the hand grips or the seat ergonomic and easy to adjust? Consider whether a lifting hook is a necessary addition. For the construction trade professional, having the right equipment can make every job easier, of better quality and more profitable. Flextool is here to help you to find the power trowel you need.

Flextool has a huge selection of walk-behind and ride-on concrete power trowels, as well as replacement blades and pan floats in a wide range of sizes. Whatever the demands of your business, Flextool has the right concrete power finishing equipment for the job.