Concrete Power Screeds

To achieve perfectly levelled concrete, a power screed is the tool for the job. On all but the smallest jobs, concrete power screeds provide improved efficiency compared to the more labour-intensive hand-held screeds. Here are some other things to consider before purchasing a concrete power screed.

Reasons to buy a concrete power screed

Faster completion time is the number one reason to buy a concrete power screed. Rather than having several workers using hand screeds to level the freshly placed concrete, power screeds need only one operator, and is estimated to be up to four times faster. Power screeds can also achieve tighter tolerances resulting in optimised level and flatness (FL and FF). Lastly, Power screeds eliminate the need for concreters to be bending over a hand screed all day as they can stand upright whilst operating the equipment. This is a significant benefit to the operator's health and safety. While the initial cost of a concrete power screed may seem like a big outlay, the long-term benefits make it well worthwhile.

Choosing a concrete power screed

The key point when selecting a power screed is making sure that the size and capability of the screed matches the size and requirements of the job. For smaller projects with lower tolerances, a portable power screed is the ideal choice as it can be used with or without formwork rails plus they are lightweight and easy to transport and store. Look for one with high-frequency vibration across the entire width of the extrusion blade for optimum efficiency. To achieve improved operator comfort and safety, make sure it incorporates handle vibration isolators for reduced vibration transfer, a fully adjustable twin handle system for easy height adjustment and a sturdy spring-loaded kickstand for straightforward re-fuelling and storage. A portable power screed also provides improved ability to work around obstacles, such as columns and pipes.
For larger commercial and industrial jobs with specified FL and FF tolerances (we’re talking warehouse floors, roadways, airports and bridges) you should consider a Double Beam Screed or Truss Screed, as an efficient means of levelling large areas of concrete. Contractors can save on time and labour with these larger and heavier machines as they strike and compact concrete in one pass.

Flextool can supply a concrete power screed for projects large and small. Whatever the demands of your business, Flextool has the right equipment for the job.