Soil compaction

Soil compaction is a crucial element of most construction projects. Ranging from small domestic applications such as landscaping and paving, to larger civil projects including road ways and trenches. Soil compaction equipment generates a downwards force helping to remove air voids from the substrate, providing a solid foundation reducing the risk of substrate settlement in the weeks and months after the job is completed. There are many different types of soil compaction equipment. Here are some of the considerations to select the right piece of equipment for the job.

Forward Plate Compactors

There are two types of plate compactors — forward and reversible. Forward Plate Compactors operate in a forward direction only. They are ideal for use in confined spaces and for compacting thin layers such as granular soils including gravel, road base and asphalt. Forward Plate Compactors are usually lighter and smaller than Reversible Plate Compactors, ranging in weight from a portable 40 kg unit to a larger 100 kg machine. Options to consider are the need for a water tank for asphalt and dust suppression; a wheel kit for on-site manoeuvrability; and a folding handle for easy transportation and storage.

Reversible Plate Compactors

A Reversible Plate Compactor operates in both a forward and reverse direction. They are ideal for use on larger civil and commercial projects where deeper compaction is required and large areas require compaction. This includes deep compaction of road base and the backfilling of trenches. They come in larger sizes of up to 600 kg. Options to consider are the required weight and working width of the machine to suit the job application and whether a petrol or diesel engine is preferred.

Tamping Rammers

Tamping Rammer (AKA Jumping Jacks) are used for a specific range of projects. They are ideal for confined spaces such as trenches and deep excavations when compacting cohesive soil and backfill. They are especially good for soil with a high clay content. Ranging from 45 kg to 95 kg, they come in both petrol and diesel options with a range of working widths to suit any job. Find one with a wheel kit option for ease of getting around the job site and low vibration handles to reduce vibration transfer to the operator.

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