Terms and Conditions



A. The Flextool promise is a commercial offer which provides a service to customers (this is not a warranty program).
B. Brands covered by the Flextool Promise are Flextool, Mikasa and MQ Whiteman.
C. The Flextool Promise applies to mechanical and electrical equipment of the above brands only and does not include hand tools, consumables and accessories (“Eligible Products”).
D. If an Eligible Product breaks down within the first 12 months of purchase while the product is being used on the job-site, Parchem will cover the cost of suitable loan  machine for the following two days to complete the job, free of charge.
E. Eligibility is depended on complying with the qualification process.

Eligible Products will need to be taken to an authorised service agent for a warranty claim to be assessed and if the Eligible Product is deemed faulty to be repaired or, if it cannot be repaired, replaced. If the faulty product is replaced, the faulty product will remain at the service/repair agent.


1.1 The provision of a free loan equipment only applies when the equipment breakdown occurs within 12 months of purchase.
1.2 Equipment breakdown must take place on a job site to be eligible for the Flextool Promise.
1.3 Flextool may request proof of purchase to be eligible for the Flextool Promise.
1.4 Customer must call Flextool customer service to make a claim for the Flextool Promise program.
1.5 Flextool will help to arrange loan equipment within a fair and reasonable time however, time is not of the essence and is subject to equipment being available through the relevant hire company.
1.6 Flextool has the right to refuse claims if the appropriate information is not provided.
1.7 Customers are required to register for the Flextool promise to qualify for the Loan equipment. Registration can be completed by visiting www.flextool.com.au and following the prompts for Flextool Promise Registration.
1.8 The customer must enter into a hire contract with the hire company for provision of the loan equipment.  All loan equipment is subject to the terms and conditions imposed by the hire company without exception. 
1.9 The hire company is not an agent of Flextool and is not entitled to make any commitment or representation on Flextool’s behalf.

In the event where equipment cannot be supplied via Kennards Hire, Flextool may arrange equipment to be supplied via an independent hire company or direct supply by Flextool. This is depended on product availability and distance to the nearest.

Kennards Hire branch (distance must be more than 50km for loan equipment to be hired through an independent hire company). If loan equipment is supplied by Flextool, customer must enter into a separate hire agreement with Flextool.


Hire company will only provide Flextool branded products or products that Flextool represents and distributes.


The Flextool Promise only applies to the first two days of equipment hire, the costs associated with any extension to the hire period as may be arranged between the customer and the hire company is the sole liability of the customer.


Hire company will set out the pricing for any extended hire period.


Customer is responsible for cost of shipping or delivery of both the hire equipment and faulty equipment.


Eligibility is only for end-users who purchase Eligible Products through authorised Flextool distributors and agents. Direct customers of Flextool (distributors, agents and hire and rental companies) are not eligible to make Flextool Promise claims.


2.1 Unless otherwise expressly stated, Flextool may make changes to this program or may immediately terminate this program at its sole discretion.