Drive units

If you’re using a flexshaft concrete vibrator or flexshaft submersible pump you’ll be needing a drive unit. A good quality drive unit is engineered with durability and efficiency at the forefront. Drive units are housed in a heavy-duty powder coated tubular steel roll frame. The roll frame assists in protecting the drive unit but also helps with portability. The best drive units are also equipped with build-in lifting hooks for easy and safe onsite handling.

What is a drive unit?

Drive units generate a rotational motion used to power flexshaft concrete vibrators and submersible pumps in industries such as construction, mining, civil and agriculture. Drive units are robust pieces of equipment available in petrol and diesel options ranging from 4.8 to 9 hp. There are two main frame designs to choose from. The first one is a standard 'box' frame which is generally used in fixed applications in combination with a flexshaft submersible pump. The second option is a 'dished' design which allows for dragging over concrete reinforcing mesh when used in conjunction with a flexshaft concrete vibrator.

Safety first

Keep your power drive unit clean and free of concrete build-up. When in use, make sure the drive unit is sitting on a flat surface — if it isn’t level, it may move around due to the vibration. There are options to include rubber-mounts for vibration isolation. These are placed between the engine and the frame and will prevent unwanted movement of the drive unit. To keep your drive unit in good condition, general engine maintenance is required. Check the oil level regularly and if the operating environment is dusty, you’ll need to keep a close eye on the air filter. Apply common sense! Don’t leave the machine running where you can’t see it. Keep hands and feet clear of rotating and moving parts and take care not to touch the exhaust when the engine is hot.

Flextool has a large selection of power drive units, fitted with a quick-action coupling for quick and easy connection of a wide range of flexible shaft submersible pumps and concrete vibrators, Whatever the demands of your business, Flextool has the right equipment for the job.