BladeTec Diamond Blade


The Flextool BladeTec Brick Diamond Blade features a unique segmented turbo rim with high diamond concentration and extra segment height, allowing for fast cutting and extended blade life. A high-grade steel core ensures user safety by preventing blade distortion even during the most demanding cutting applications. Keyhole gullets help clear dust and debris.

The Flextool BladeTec Brick Diamond Blade is available in 350 mm or 350 mm silent and is suitable for brick saws and handheld saws. This blade can be used on materials such as brick, concrete, slate, limestone and sandstone.

The Flextool BladeTec Diamond Blades are oSa certified, a worldwide protected label for the highest level of tested safety of cutting and grinding tools.

  • Faster cutting – High diamond concentration
  • Longer-lasting – Extra segment height
  • Distortion prevention – High grade steel core
  • Debris clearing – Keyhole gullets

Suitable for:

  • Brick
  • Reinforced Concrete
  • Limestone
  • Slate

Flextool BladeTec Diamond Blades