BladeTec Diamond Blade

Tuck Segment

The Flextool BladeTec Tuck Segment Diamond Blade has a high diamond concentration and larger segment profile for fast cutting and extended blade life. This quality blade is specifically designed for tuck pointing and cleaning out mortar joints on brick and block buildings. A thick steel core ensures superior durability even during the most demanding cutting applications.

The Flextool BladeTec Tuck Segment Diamond Blade is available in 105, 125, 180 mm and suitable for use on angle grinders.

The Flextool BladeTec Diamond Blades are oSa certified, a worldwide protected label for the highest level of tested safety of cutting and grinding tools.

  • Joint cleaning – Super-wide segment
  • Longer-lasting – Larger segment profile
  • Superior durability – Thick steel core

Suitable for:

  • Mortar joints

Flextool BladeTec Diamond Blades