Smith Performance Sprayers
Industrial Concrete Sprayer S103E

Stainless Steel 13.25 Litre

With ease of use and durability at their core, the Smith Performance Sprayers Industrial Concrete Sprayer S103E is built to withstand harsh chemicals. Targeted towards contractor or construction work, each sprayer is fitted with chemical-resistant seals and brass components that have been specifically designed for contact with acetone, xylene, and bond breakers, curing compounds and other concrete chemicals.

  • The 1.25m chemical-resistant, nylon-reinforced rubber hose ensures greater wear resistance
  • A heavy-duty trigger comes with a locking function for continuous spray, along with an in-line filter that reduces spray tip clogging
  • Stainless steel wand holder securely holds and protects wand and spray tip
  • A pressure-release valve ensures the safe and easy release of internal pressure before opening the cannister
  • 13.25 Litre stainless steel tank provides high chemical resistance and improved corrosion resistance for longer lifespan

Flextool is the exclusive distributor for all Smith Performance Sprayers in Australia.