Smith Performance Sprayers
Multi-Use Sprayer SMU-8

8 Litre – Continuous spray

The Smith Performance Sprayers Multi-Use Sprayer SMU-8 is a professional grade sprayer build to handle a wide range of spraying applications. This efficient, multi-purpose sprayer is fitted with chemical resistant seals, an in-line filter and a pressure release valve, for reliable continuous spraying.

The heavy-duty components make this sprayer suitable for use with a wide range of chemicals commonly used in industries such as cleaning, construction, turf and agriculture, pest control and many more.

  • Quality and efficient hand pump with lockable shut off
  • 8 Litre tank capacity
  • Pressure release valve for safe and easy release of internal pressure before opening the canister
  • Viton seals for chemical resistance and extended operating life
  • Comfort grip trigger with locking function for continuous spray along with in-line filter to reduce spray tip clogging
  • Wand holder securely holds and protects wand and spray tip
  • Equipped with a range of nozzles

Flextool is the exclusive distributor for all Smith Performance Sprayers in Australia.