BladeTec Grinding Plate

250 mm - General Purpose

The Flextool BladeTec Grinding Plate features a high diamond concentration and large segment size for optimum grinding efficiency and durability. The soft bond arrow segments allow for aggressive grinding and make this plate suitable for a wide range of general purpose applications.

The Flextool BladeTec Grinding Plate is compatible with single head grinders.

The Flextool BladeTec Diamond Grinding Plates are oSa certified, a worldwide protected label for the highest level of tested safety of cutting and grinding tools.

  • Aggressive grinding - Arrow segment
  • Faster grinding - High diamond concentration
  • Longer-lasting - Large segment size
  • Wide range of applications

Suitable for:

  • General purpose concrete grinding

Technical Information (download)

  Data sheet - Flextool BladeTec Grinding Consumables