Dust Collector FDC-1A

Automatic H-Class HEPA

Flextool Dust Collectors are specifically designed for the rigors of commercial and contractor use. Featuring powerful twin-motors for increased airflow, high-quality H-Class HEPA filtration systems and efficient continuous bagging systems, they provide reliable and high-performing air filtration for a wide range of projects.

Designed to capture the finest concrete and silica dust particles, the Flextool Dust Collector FDC-1A is a twin-motor, auto-pulsing dust collector, using patented auto-pulsing technology for 100% uninterrupted working and no manual filter cleaning. It comes standard with a range of accessories and filters.

Ideal for small size to medium size projects on residential and commercial work,

  • Auto-pulsing technology provides reliable and efficient continuous filter cleaning during operation and ensures 100% uninterrupted working
  • A highly efficient and effortless cleaning mechanism that does not require stopping nor pressing any button
  • HEPA filtration system is compliant with H-Class standards for optimum air filtration and capture of the finest concrete and silica dust particles
  • Continuous bagging system for clean and efficient management, storage and disposal of captured material
  • Dual Ametek motors provide continuous high-performance operation
  • Quality, solid wheels with brake system for easy and safe onsite manoeuvrability
  • Smooth wheels reduce risk of floor damage
  • Ideal for grinders with a working width of up to 600 mm
  • Accessories include a hose, aluminium wand, floor nozzle, reducer, hose cuff, bagging system and H-Class HEPA filters
  • This product is covered by the Flextool Promise - click here to learn more

Flextool Dust Collectors: product demonstration