PowerVibe FPV

High-Frequency 240 V

The Flextool PowerVibe FPV is a high-frequency concrete vibrator featuring a lightweight design, inline inverter, and RCD protection to provide first-class operator safety and comfort. The integrated motor-in-barrel high-frequency vibration technology achieves greater vibration consistency, resulting in optimum consolidation of concrete when operating under load. The unit is fully electrical which means operation is without fumes and with minimal noise, making the Flextool PowerVibe ideal for noise-sensitive and enclosed environments. The quality vibrator head is made of hardened steel for extended service life and is available in 45 mm and 60 mm diameter.

  • Motor-in-barrel high-frequency technology allows for greater vibration consistency, which results in optimum consolidation of all types of concrete mixes
  • Fully sealed and weather-proof inline inverter control box
  • Easy connection and operates from a standard 240 volt / 10 amp power outlet
  • Quite operation and no operating emissions
  • Operator safety and comfort are at the forefront with its lightweight design, inline RCD protection and low vibration and heat transfer to the operator
  • Hardened steel vibrator head for extended service life
  • This product is covered by the Flextool Promise - click here to learn more