Electric High-Frequency Concrete Vibrators

Vibrating concrete is a key part of the pour — it increases the density and strength of the concrete by removing the air pockets, and compacting the particles together. Choosing the right concrete vibrator to eliminate air pockets is critical to avoid concrete structural failures. An electric concrete vibrator can be the ideal choice for a wide range of projects and applications due to its consistent high-frequency vibration and operation without engine exhaust fumes.

Why choose an electric high-frequency concrete vibrator

Electric concrete vibrators are a popular type of concrete vibrator due to the consistent high RPM achieved by the motor-in-barrel design. The high-frequency vibration technology achieves optimum vibration consistency, resulting in more efficient consolidation of concrete when operating under load. Electric high-frequency concrete vibrators tend to be smaller than petrol-driven units, and are relatively lightweight and portable. They are fully electric which means they can operate with minimal noise and without engine exhaust fumes. This does not only benefit the operator, it also makes electric concrete vibrators the ideal choice for jobs in noise sensitive and enclosed environments. In addition, they are low maintenance compared to petrol operated units .

What to look for in an electric high-frequency concrete vibrator

One of the advantages of an electric concrete vibrator is that they provide first-class operator safety, as you can switch them on and off easily, and should come fitted with an inline circuit breaker (RCD protection) to shut down the unit automatically in case of malfunction. Also look for one with a fully sealed and weather proof inline inverter control box and one that has low vibration and heat transfer to the operator. Make sure your chosen electric concrete vibrator operates from a standard 240 Volt / 10-amp power outlet.

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