Flexshaft immersion concrete vibrators

Vibrating concrete is a key part of the pour — it increases the density and strength of the concrete by removing the air pockets, and compacting the particles together. A common way to vibrate concrete is with a flexshaft (also referred to as flexible shaft) vibrator. Flexshaft vibrators work by producing high-frequency vibration that efficiently compacts all concrete mixes. Flexshaft vibrators are popular because they are simple to use, durable and suitable for wide range of projects. A flexshaft concrete vibrator is driven by a petrol or diesel powered drive unit, which rotates the pendulum inside the head of the vibrator, causing it to vibrate.

Why choose a flexshaft concrete vibrator?

Flexshaft concrete vibrators come in a range of different flexshaft lengths and vibrator head diameter combinations. They are inexpensive relative to an electric concrete vibrator, and with some basic safety training are easy to use. Because they are driven by a petrol or diesel powered drive unit, flexshaft concrete vibrators are the go-to on unpowered work sites. The longer length of the flexshaft provides increased versatility as concrete can be vibrated at depths – think civil projects such as bridge columns and piers.

What to look for in a flexshaft concrete vibrator

To ensure your flexshaft concrete vibrator lasts the distance, make sure you select a unit that uses top quality components, such as heavy-duty double row self-aligning bearing and durable oil seals.
Other features that will extend the life of your concrete vibrator is a heat-treated steel nose cap and rotor to reduce wear and tear, and rubber support sleeves for operator comfort and easy cleaning. Choose one with a heavy rotor for high vibration amplitude as this will get the job done faster.

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