Forward Plate Compactor MVC-40H

50 kg - Honda 3.0 hp Petrol

The premium Mikasa Forward Plate Compactors set the standard in granular soils and asphalt compaction.

The Mikasa Forward Plate Compactor MVC-40H is the smallest forward plate compactor in the range. Engineered with a folding handle and foldaway wheel kit, it is highly portable and easy to manoeuvre around the job site. The robust and durable design provides superior build quality, optimised operator comfort and excellent compaction performance and results.

The small and narrow base plate (295 mm wide x 420 mm long) makes the Mikasa Forward Plate Compactor MVC-40H ideal for use in tight and confined spaces where larger compactors cannot fit, and for compacting thin layers such as granular soils including gravel, road base and asphalt. 

  • Folding handle allows for easy transport in confined spaces
  • Built-in foldaway transport wheel kit provides easy and safe onsite manoeuvrability
  • Sealed clutch and belt guard protects against the ingress of dust and other unwanted materials that can prematurely wear out critical clutch component and V-belt
  • Optional clip-on water tank assists with the suppression of dust and asphalt works
  • Central lifting hook for easy and safe onsite handling
  • Small and narrow base plate allowing access in very tight and restricted spaces
  • Honda GX100 4-stroke engine provides hassle-free operation and low engine emissions
  • 3 Year Mikasa product warranty
  • This product is covered by the Flextool Promise - click here to learn more

Flextool is the exclusive distributor for all Mikasa soil compaction equipment in Australia.


Mikasa Forward Plate Compactor – exclusive to Flextool