MQ Whiteman
Chemical Spraying System WSC55

Mobile Cart - Honda 5.5 hp Petrol

The MQ Whiteman Chemical Spraying System WSC55 is a superior spray system featuring a powerful Honda GX160 engine, quick-connect hose fittings, parking brake and a sloped chemical platform providing a range of time and cost savings. A small on-board compressor allows the operator to clear and reuse the leftover product in the hose that would normally be discarded, greatly reducing maintenance and waste as a result.

  • Sloped platform allowing material to be easily dispensed
  • Holds one large (200 Litre) container or up to four small (20 Litre) containers
  • Forklift pockets provide easy and safe transport and onsite handling
  • Smooth tyres reduce the risk of floor damage
  • Parking brake secures unit in place, especially useful when on uneven ground
  • An engine-driven compressor recycles any leftover product remaining in the system, reducing wastage and cleaning the lines in the process
  • Heavy-duty pump is suitable for pumping materials containing up to 25% solids
  • Honda GX160 4-stroke engine with gear reduction provides reliable operation
  • Built-in work tray holds tools and other onsite needs
  • Quick-connect hose fittings provide quick and simple operation
  • System includes a spray gun and 15-metre hose

Flextool is the exclusive distributor for all MQ Whiteman equipment in Australia.