Concrete floor scarifier

A concrete scarifier (also known as a concrete planer or milling machine) is a machine that is fitted with tungsten carbide tipped cutters, attached to a high-speed rotating drum, that mills/planes the top layer of a concrete surface. The boss for removing old coatings and creating a flat surface, scarifiers dig into the top layer of the existing concrete or asphalt, easily removing cementitious coatings such as concrete overlays. A concrete scarifier leaves a rough surface which increases adhesion and bond strength of a range of overlay coatings.
Scarifiers remove concrete faster and more aggressively than grinders due to the hitting action of the cutting wheels. Here are some other things to consider before purchasing a floor scarifier machine.

Choosing a concrete scarifier

Things to look for in a floor scarifier machine are fine pitch height adjustment for quick and responsive depth control. This is dirty work so make sure there’s a dust outlet for connection with a vacuum system for complete suppression of dust. Because of the demanding nature of scarifying concrete, find one that’s engineered with durability in mind — a rigid, heavy-weighted base design, hexagonal drive shaft and quality sealed bearings will all ensure a longer service life. And because it’s a heavy piece of machinery (averaging around 90 kg) make sure it has a central lifting hook for easy and safe onsite handling.

Maintaining a concrete scarifier

Good maintenance is key if you want your machine to last a long time. Scarifying is tough work and is demanding on the machine. After every use, make sure the machine is properly cleaned, removing dust and concrete build-up. Regularly grease all wheel and cutting drum bearings to prolong usage. Due to the dusty environment, engine maintenance is vital. Regular inspection and cleaning of the air filter is critical to avoid engine dusting. Lastly, inspection of the cutting drum should be carried out at the end of each job with worn cutters to be replaced immediately.

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