Walk-behind power trowels

Walk-behind power trowels are easy to operate and with a little training, the operator will be ready for action. With good manoeuvrability, a walk-behind trowel machine is the go-to for most residential and small commercial jobs. Once you've decided a walk-behind is right for your business, you can start to look at the different brands and size variations. Walk-behind trowels come in a range of sizes, based on the finishing path of the blades, the engine size and the engine type - petrol or diesel.

Choosing a walk-behind power trowel

First, you’ll need to select a size. Walk-behind power trowels come in working widths of 24- to 48-inches in diameter. At the heavy-duty end are the 46- to 48-inch machines, with an 11 to 13 hp engine and rotor speeds of up to 225 rpm. At up to 160 kg, these machines are designed for maximum power and performance. At the other end of the spectrum is the 24-inch power trowel that weighs in at just 50 kg with a 5.5 hp engine. Suitable for smaller pours, it will also go through doorways, around pipework and, with its special rotating edging guard, finish close to walls and columns.

Walk-behind edging trowels

Edging walk-behinds enable the operator to finish tight to the wall without marking, and easily manoeuvre around obstacles such as pipes and columns. At 24-, 30- or 36-inch working widths (some switch between widths for extra versatility), they to easily fit through doorways, ensuring a professional finish to the entire job. Edging trowels are commonly used along the edges of larger slabs that have been finished by a ride-on power trowel.

Walk-behind power trowel accessories

When choosing a walk-behind power trowel, consider the available accessories (such as high-quality vinyl engine covers), pan float and blade options. Not every trowel is compatible with every accessory so make sure you discuss this with your Flextool representative.

Flextool has a huge selection of walk-behind power trowels pan floats, blades and accessories. Whatever the demands of your business, Flextool has the right equipment for the job.