Portable Immersion Concrete Vibrators

Properly vibrated concrete is strong and durable, and is vital to preventing failure of a structure further down the track. Vibrating concrete is a crucial part of any concreting job, because this is what removes the air pockets and increases the strength and density of the concrete. Concrete vibrators aren’t generally massive pieces of equipment, but sometimes you need a more portable version to suit the job or the site. Portable concrete vibrators are lightweight, and ideally suited for the vibration of ground slabs and small areas of concrete with little depth, or for applications where there is limited access such as retaining walls, fence posts and stairs.

Why choose a portable concrete vibrator?

Portable vibrators are highly manoeuvrable, lightweight and comfortable to operate.
They provide comparable vibration performance to traditional drive unit and flexshaft vibrators and have become the go-to product for many concreters. They are the most suitable option for slab on ground foundations, whether it be residential, industrial or commercial.
Handy additions to the standard are a reliable, low-emission engine, and a rubber support sleeve for easier wash down and improved support.

Backpack portable concrete vibrators

If you want your concrete vibrator to be completely portable, a lightweight backpack vibrator will allow the operator to carry the unit around the job site more easily as the weight is distributed evenly to both shoulders and hips improving user comfort and reducing back strain and fatigue. This is especially useful for larger jobs or on a site where there is limited or no access to electricity.
When looking for a backpack concrete vibrator, look for one with a heavy-duty yet lightweight frame, engine swivel base, quick connect fitting and the versatility of flexshafts in different lengths.
Choose one that has an ergonomic design with an adjustable padded harness for improved comfort on those larger projects.

Flextool has a large selection of concrete vibrators for all applications. Whatever the demands of your business, Flextool has the right equipment for the job.